April 2006



(Gazprom-Pressemitteilung über das Treffen von Alexej Miller mit den EU-Botschaftern am 18. April 2006)


April 18 2006 22:30

On Results of Alexey Miller’s Meeting with Ambassadors of the European Union countries

The meeting between Alexey Miller, Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee, and ambassadors of the EU countries in Russia was held today at the residence of the Ambassador of Austria in the Russian Federation.
Various aspects of interrelations between Russia and the European Union in the energy field were touched at the meeting. In particular, the parties discussed prospects for development of Europe’s energy sector in the context of gas markets liberalization and increase in competition between the largest centers of energy consumption (Europe, America and Asia) for the acÒess to hydrocarbon resources.

Frank and objective conversation took place to improve energy dialogue between Russia and countries of the European Union. Alexey Miller noted at the meeting that “Gazprom was and is the main supplier of natural gas to Europe. We understand our responsibility and henceforth will remain the guarantor of energy security for the European consumers. All the contracts signed to supply gas will be implemented. There are no any doubts at all. Gazprom possesses the largest hydrocarbon resources and is able to satisfy reliably growing gas demand in Europe. Nevertheless, one cannot forget that we are actively developing new markets such as North America and China. Gas producers in Central Asia are also pay their attention to the Chinese market. It is not by accident. Competition for energy resources is increasing.

It is needed to note that attempts to limit Gazprom’s activity in European market and politicize gas supply issues, which are in fact solely economic, will make no good results.

Gazprom is interested to develop mutually beneficial energy cooperation with partners in Europe. The fine example is the North-European pipeline project. We sign new contracts to supply gas, for the first time, start working jointly with German companies along the entire chain from production, transmission and up to gas sale to the consumer. This enhances cooperation reliability for all project participants and even broader – for all consumers of the Russian gas in Europe”,
- declared Alexey Miller.